When taken?

The photo had been taken by reneil.eth during the "No Filter" tour in Manchester (06/05/2018) a few hours before it was tokenized. The photographer was located in "Pit B" in front of the stage. The original image resolution is 4032x2268.

When tokenized?

The actual NFT was minted during the 6th of June 2018 on DAC. "Digital Art Chain" was probably the first ipfs-powered image tokenization project on Ethereum that allowed permissionless minting. Since then the ipfs hash of the image is stored in this immutable NFT dataset.

Additional Information

The NFT is available on Opensea but it's not for sale. It will be sharded and sold on NIFTEX in Q4 2020. Keep yourself updated by following the involved parties on Twitter. You can click on the image below to open the full resolution version (hosted on IPFS) in a new tab.